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Using Oncore GT/UT GPS Receiver

This page is intended for folks who want to use Motorola Oncore GT/UT GPS receivers with their computers. The documentation for these receivers can be found on Motorola WWW pages.

If you buy an OEM version of the receiver you will get no documentation, no cabling to connect the board to your computer, nor any software to use the receiver. Of course, you must buy/have the antenna for the receiver.

To connect the Oncore board to computer serial port you can use this scheme (author: ing. Vladimir Kollar).

I have written a simple C-code which implements most of the basic functions of the receiver(s) mentioned in the documentation. It enables you to do the self-test of the receiver, set some basic parameters of the receiver, view the list of visible satellites, display the position of the receiver and UTC date/time, set the date/time of your computer from the receiver.

The source of the code is tar-ed and gzip-ed. In this package you will find the makefiles for DOS+BCC and linux. You can directly download the DOS executable oncore.exe. You must have ANSI-compatible terminal (driver ANSI.SYS under DOS). Under linux you can run the code only as root or you must "setuid" the executable.

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Please, keep in mind you use all the information/software mentioned on this page on your own risk.

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